We provide the 5 sense Wow-Effect for your venue

Our unique shisha pipe technology is enchanting all 5 senses for the most enjoyful holistic smoking experience ever!
The ingenious heat-, smoke- and flavor- “Management“ delivers an undreamed smoking enjoyment with rich taste and full flavor
– far beyond any market standard!

But also sight, touch and hearing is outstandingly staged by remarkable and award-winning design, precious and valuable materials as well as precise craftmanship. Patented parts, like the centerpiece „SteamClick360“ with an unlimited rotating function make our shisha pipes so easy in handling and usage. This is why we are the world‘s leading manufacturer in the luxury shisha segment!

To provide utmost convenience and maximum performance for your Shisha Service we carry specially developed complementary accessories for presentation (e.g. illumination) and operation (e.g. heat management).